Who We Serve

Investing is challenging at the best of times. That’s why 360 Investment Advisors offers you completely customized service at a low hourly rate.  We can help everyone, from beginners who want to ask simple questions to the most knowledgeable self-directed investors.

  • Beginner or novice investors who want to:
    Learn the basics of how to invest and get simple answers to their questions
    Explore the pros and cons of specific investments they are considering
    Get a complete investment plan customized for them
    Obtain a second opinion on how their money is invested now.
  • Individual investors who have an advisor or broker but want to:
    Evaluate the performance of their advisor or broker
    Obtain fresh input and new ideas
    Start over with a new investment strategy and asset allocation
    Make sure their holdings are properly diversified
    Reduce their cost of investing
  • Experienced investors who need:
    Help writing or revising their investment policy statement
    Assistance with evaluating specific investment opportunities
    Help with research on funds or securities
    A second opinion on investment decisions or overall strategy
  • Business owners and CFOs who seek:
    Safe ways to earn a return on corporate assets
    Help writing their investment policy statement
    Input on options for retirement plans

Whatever your needs, 360 can help, whether it’s a single question or a complete investment makeover.  We can offer you advice that you can implement yourself.  Or we can offer complete turnkey services and do it all for you. Tell us what you need by email: Wendy@360investmentadvisors.com

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