How 360 Investment Advisors Is Different

360 Investment Advisors offers a much-needed alternative to banks and big investment companies that take a percentage of your assets every year, even when they do very little actual work. 360 offers individual investors a completely flexible, low-cost way to get better investment results.

No hidden fees, and no conflicts of interest. Many investment advisors will invest your money in ways that benefit themselves more than you. They get fees and commissions for putting your money into specific investment products, no matter how good or bad those funds perform for you. 360 gets paid only by you, and has only your interests at heart. When we recommend an investment, it is because it’s good for you, NOT because we get paid to sell it.

Your costs are under your control. We charge by the hour, and bill you monthly. We never deduct our fees from your investment account. You pay only for the services you need and use. Most advisors charge fixed fees, based on a percentage of your assets. And you pay that fee no matter how much – or how little – work they do for you. With 360, you have control over your costs, and it’s all completely transparent.

The real meaning of value investing. We always make it a top priority to reduce your cost of investing. You’d be surprised how you can increase your returns by choosing lower-fee investments. We will help you find investments that offer a good return with the lowest management fees, sales loads and commissions.

Handcrafted financial advice. Some advisors churn out generic computer printouts about historic stock performance and put you in the same exact funds as dozens or hundreds of other clients. We start from scratch for every client, so everything is tailored just to you. We adapt to you, and your preferences about how you want to manage your investments.

Comprehensive view, diverse choices. Most advisors are extremely limited in their perspective and experience and don’t go much beyond a standard set mutual funds and ETFs. At 360, we understand a wide range of investments, from mutual funds and ETFs to bonds and individual stocks. We can also help you with alternative investments, including real estate and small businesses. We can even show you the ropes of options investing if that’s of interest.

We are proactive & responsive. We will help you adapt to changing market conditions, and if we think you need to redeploy assets, we’ll help you do it. Many advisors expect you to buy and hold, with just a little re-balancing once a year. Why? Because it requires the least possible work on their part. We will answer your questions and respond to your calls and emails promptly.

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