About Andre Shashaty

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Andre Shashaty is the principal of 360 Investment Advisors.  He is a registered investment advisor with extensive experience managing portfolios of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, and private investments. He is active with direct and syndicated investments in income-producing real estate, particularly rental housing.

He has managed or co-managed investment portfolios totaling up to $25 million in assets since 2003. He has set investment policy for several businesses, trusts, and a family investment company, as well as for his own account, and is now using his experience to assist the clients of 360 Investment Advisors.

Prior to starting 360, Shashaty was a journalist in Washington, D.C., New York City, and San Francisco.

He has written extensively about personal finance, investing, commercial real estate, equity syndication, mortgage lending, and capital markets. He has authored thousands of articles and had them published in many national publications, including The New York Times. He has written four books.

Shashaty was the founder and CEO of a company that published magazines and held trade shows on housing and urban development. He sold the assets of the business in 2006. He also founded and managed two nonprofit organizations.

Shashaty is a frequent speaker on investment topics and is the author of a forthcoming book called “The Empowered Investor.”  He is a member of the board of directors of the San Francisco chapter of the American Association of Individual Investors, and is a licensed real estate sales agent in California.

More complete biographical details are available by request.  Just email Wendy Chaney at Wendy@360investmentadvice.com